Auditing and Consulting for Ethical Sourcing

In recent years there has been an increase in the requirements of sourcing ore from artisanal and informal small scale miners. This mostly relates to ensuring that the material was not obtained through child labour or forced mining to fund conflicts. The passing of the Frank-Dodd Act relating to tin, tungsten, tantalite and gold (TTTG) mined in the Great Lakes region of Central African States. Increased scrutiny by the London Metals Exchange (LME) focussing on tin, cobalt and potentially copper sourced from the DRC and broadening of the definition of "conflict" or "blood" diamonds by the Kimberly Process (KP).

Bowline Professional Services offer auditing and consulting services to meet industry requirements. Auditing of sourcing ore can be done to demonstrate compliance with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development's responsible-sourcing guidelines. Bowline Professional Services also offer consulting services to meet industry best practices and standards to establish provenance of purchases of ore concentrates or gems from artisanal or informal small scale miners.

Consultation service includes, but is not limited to:

  • In-loco inspections and audits of mining and purchase sites,
  • Guidance on passive and active monitoring of mining activities,
  • Trade-off's for identification systems, including biometric, for registration of artisanal sellers,
  • Scrutiny on selection of security measures and companies for buyer centres and stockpiling warehouses,
  • Evaluation of active and passive infrastructure security,
  • Selection and training in use of geochemical testing instruments to determine grade of ore material or concentrates and sorting as well as determining potential provenance of ore,
  • Assistance on selection of applicable blockchain platform and databases,
  • Guidance on monitoring methods from stockpile and packing area, along the transport route to final destination,
  • Selection of tamper-proof seals and RF tags and
  • Periodic audit and monitoring reports.


Ethical Mineral Sourcing: Opportunities and Challenges